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  • February 2016 - To mark World Cancer Day, the Psycho-Oncology department organised an entertainment program for the children. A DJ was sourced and the children rocked to the music, much to the joy of the parents/doctors and support staff. It was an in-house entertainment of sorts, dancing to the latest film numbers.
  • In keeping with NABH compliance and to inculcate best nursing practices, there is continous training of nurses - induction, refresher and practical demos of the right procedures. The faculty nursing staff (Ms.Gnanasundari and Ms.Priyakumari) have drawn up a schedule to involve all the nurses across the Cancer Institute for this purpose. The virtual education facility at the conference hall of MMT center is put to good use. The doctors are also requisitioned for guidance.
    January 2016 - If it is the New Year, there must be a celebration. For the fifth time in a row, Mahesh Arjun and his friends began the New Year with a bang. In addition to a talk show, they cut a huge cake, which was enjoyed by the nurses, doctors and support staff. They distributed t-shirts to kids, besides donating 20 high quality mattresses, pillows, Complan boxes, towels and bed sheets. Mrs. Ranga Kumar from MMT spoke on the occasion. They later met Dr. (Mrs.) Shantha to wish her for 2016.
  • Ms. Neeraja Malik, a cancer survivor twice over and a TedX speaker visited the pediatric ward for a group session with the parents of the children undergoing treatment. M/s. Mecheri and Gupta, at whose instance the program was coordinated, kickstarted it with a brief introduction. From the word go, she connected with the audience with ease. Reliving her personal fight against cancer with grit, determination and support, she dramatized the trauma and the victory with effective communication and body language. Continuously motivating and encouraging to stay positive, she carefully stuck to her chosen field of expertise - counseling. She fielded the questions with aplomb, with her ready wit and smile. The program slated for 30 minutes, stretched for an hour and more. The empathizing feeling "I am with you" could not have been better expressed! Ilamaaran from Chennai volunteers did a recap and introduced laughter therapy to one and all. The impromptu vote of thanks given by the parents was heartwarming and they left smiling and lightened.
  • November - Caught by surprise by the unprecedented rainfall, glaring gaps in civic facilities in Chennai forced the city to a standstill. As the city tottered back to a semblance of routine, some volunteers managed to run their event and worked around the weather to ensure that the children and the caregivers had a reason to smile. Happy Faced Clown Jayashree and Team Niyati pitched in to make all the difference to the event. Team Koodam put together awesome stories, songs and a mimicry act. Niyati coordinated the jewellery making event with her team. 
  • In keeping with the Diwali season, the staff of Real Image contributed towards gift hampers and Mrs. Rangakumar distributed them, encouraging the vauable services of the nurses and other support staff.
  • October - The students of Sankara Vidyalaya matriculation school, Adyar performed skits and danced to entertain the children of the MMT center. They also donated towels, beverages, dates, flavoured milk, etc. 
  • Sunshine Orchestra musicians (students of KM Conservatory) performed to entertain the patients of the Adyar Cancer Institute. Mr. Srinivas Murthy presented some scintillating numbers and ever lasting melodies of yester years. Ms. Swasthika did the invocation song.  The Director of Adyar Cancer Institute Dr.T.G.Sagar presided over the function.
  • September - Often times, the tireless, intangible yet significant contribution of the nurses go unsung. Precisely why a small celebration was organized and the nurses of the Mahesh Memorial pediatric oncology center were honoured with small gift hampers, on behelf of Mahesh Memorial Trust. The chief doctors, Dr.Venkatraman and Dr.Siddharth, spoke on the occasion.  
  • The mothers of children undergoing treatment are often bored and stressed being away from their homes. Precisely why a pookolam (rangoli with flowers) was initiated in keeping with ONAM festival. The mothers took to it eagerly and lent a hand to bring out a colourful and intricate display of design.   
  • AugustSMILE interactive meeting: The monthly interactive session between parents and Doctors, suppport staff, dietician was held recently. Dr.Sidharth, the paediatric oncologist, fielded questions and clarified doubts. 
  • The Magic Bean volunteers (ertswhile Restore gardens) have been able to maintain sustained supplies of greens, bottle gourds, brinjal and papaya for the kitchen. This organic community garden is the only one of its kind in Chennaii.
  • July - Employees of Societe Generale, as part of their CSR activity, thought it fit to engage the kids with games and play involving them for more than an hour. Besides donating food items like flavoured milk, juice, Complan and Bournvita sachets, they felt very satisfied with premises and upkeep. "Visit to the Cancer Institute was truly a great experience. Initially, we thought it would be a challenging experience as we were not sure how the kids would talk to us and also how the environment would be. We were thinking it will be dull as most hospitals. Mr. Manohar, the hospital administrator, put all of us at ease with his suave approach and perfect coordination. Within a short time, it turned our session into another world. The children were very enthusiastic and keen to interact with us. The environment was so fun filled. Thanks for the opportunity given to us."
  • MayBorn to Win Trust comprising of transgenders raised funds through sale of calendars done by them. Last year they had donated the proceeds to a Trust caring for HIV patients. This time around they collected Rs. 25,000 and handed over the cheque to Mahesh Memorial Trust over a simple cultural function. Ms. Srividhya (dietitian) and T.S. Manohar collected the cheque on behalf of MMT.
  • Rotary Club of Madras next gen with their members and Ms. Aparna Chitharanjan engaged the children with a grafitii drawing workshop. The children took to this form of drawing and painting with glee. A sum of Rs. 25,000 was donated to Mahesh Memorial Trust.
  • April - Committed volunteers who had dedicated themselves to support, educate and engage the children undergoing treatment at the MMT ward of the Adyar Cancer Institute received a certificate of recognition from The Chairperson, Dr.V.Shantha. This was done as an acknowledgement of their sustained volunteering for over two years. 
  • March - The softer side of the police force was evident when police personnel and a few businessmen put their minds together to form the Adyar Commons Trust to serve the welfare of society needing support. To begin with, they thought fit to donate toilet kits and smiley balls to the kids. Organising blood donation and eye camp are in the pipeline said Inspector Kannan who was the brain behind the venture.
  • Prof.V.R.Muraleedharan of IIT Madras handed over a cheque for Rs.50,000 yet again this year, donated from Dileep Veeraraghavan Memorial Trust. Mahesh Memorial Trust supports several tests done outside the Cancer Institute for the children undergoing treatment. This sizable donation will be put to use for the same.
  • Dr (Mrs.) Nirmala Subramaniam (senior plastic surgeon at Apollo Hospitals) donated a wig made out of her own locks to a patient undergoing chemotherapy at the children's ward. She was associated with Dr.Krishnamoorthy (founder of the cancer institute) professionally. She has promised to associate further with the children's ward after meeting Dr.Shantha.
  • FebruaryCancer survivors met at the Mahesh Memorial ward to share their experiences and apprehensions with each other. They also cleared their lingering doubts about cancer with the doctors present at the event. This was held with regard to World Cancer Survivors Day on February 4th.
  • The family of late Mr. Ramachandran donated Rs.1 lakh towards installation of reverse osmosis plant to provide clean and clear drinking water to the children and parents at the pediatric ward.
  • Mr. Palaniappan donated 60 bags containing need-based donation and essentials to the children from peanut butter, jam, Chocos, Complan to tooth paste, toothbrush, medicine box, hand towels and caps. Close on the heels of this wonderful contribution was the Sahaayika Trust – they donated 500gms Horlicks and 40 bath towels to be distributed to the children. 
  • January 2015 - As part of an initiative by Saarang, students of IIT M completed art work at the children's ward. Dr. Madam V. Shantha and MMT's Mr Manoharan coordinated with the building's architect to provide a wall (canvas) to execute their desire. Accordingly, the day care ward wall was assigned and the students put their concept on canvas.
  • In connection with new year celebrations, friends of Diya group set up a festive atmosphere with magic show, dance and a variety of gifts for children and parents. A huge cake was cut and the doctors and nurses on duty were honoured. The group has been doing this for more than five years now. They firmly believe that a new year well begun on a social cause keeps them going through the upcoming months in the right frame of mind.  
  • NovemberMagic and mimicry show was hosted at the pediatric block by V Gopinath and team. The programme was well attended. Both children and their parents attended the show and besides enjoying the show they also took active part in the show. The joy and enthusiasm of the children was visible in their faces.
  • The Magic Bean: Children’s Day at the Cancer Institute’s Organic Garden - Most kids who come to the pediatric ward can only briefly visit the garden, if at all, because of immunity issues. They watch what is being done from their windows, they wander in curiously a few times, but they cannot participate in the gardening activity. This year, for Children’s Day, The Magic Bean decided to take the gardening activity to them. 15 Scope Volunteers were in the garden with the children and made permaculture pots which were topped with a potting mix, so plants could be grown in it immediately. The kids came into the garden, some with their masks on and a couple with their IV vents, to plant. Dr. Venkat, the nurses and some of the Pediatric ward staff also planted. 25 pots were filled and arranged so that they could be seen from the many West facing windows of the ward. It was a deeply meaningful day, not viewing the children as “patients” but as kids, who exult in bright flowers! 
  • October - In keeping with NABH regulation, infection control workshop and best hygiene practices was held at the MMT ward by WHO  instructors. Close to 40 nurses participated. Importance of hand wash, disposal of medicines, medical wastes, instrucions on bio hazards, international standards on hygiene procedures was demonstrated to them through a power point presentation and a short film. The smart class infrastructure at the MMT conference hall was put to good use. 
  • As part of the Dussehra season, Ms. Rashmi and Ms. Jayasri conducted a magic show, balloon designing and jewellery making workshop for children and mothers. It was a memorable day at the children's ward with lots of smiles around. The event began with a story session for the children who enjoyed and happily participated in the action-based stories that Ms. Lakshmi narrated. T
  • September - Sustained restoring efforts of garden volunteers have started bearing fruits qualitatively and quantitatively. Organic vegetables grown by them at the garden adjacent to the children's ward are harvested regularly and delivered to the kitchen, catering to the needs of children. The sheer diversity of vegetables is a very welcome gesture.
  • May - To reiterate and reinstate the need for hygiene and hand wash, another round of instructions on the need for hand wash and the correct way to do it was demonstrated by dietician Ms.Srividhya. In response to this, the parents took part in the exercise and were keen to observe the same. This initiative was done at the insistence of Medimix soaps. Mr. Pradeep, senior manager - sales at Medimix, explained the cost effective and ayurvedic (organic) cleansing agents in the medimix hand wash liquids. A few pumps were handed over to the hospital.  
  • Indian Institute of Technology Madras honored their alumnus for their outstanding contributions. Alongside this, select NGOs were rewarded with financial assistance. Mahesh Memorial Trust was given a cheque of Rs.1 lakh which Mr. Manohar of MMT received on behalf of the trust.
  • MarchRaising organic greens and vegetables in an otherwise barren land was the brainchild of Restore Gardens. Sustained efforts for a year and more have borne fruits now. With the new kitchen set to be operational shortly, the produce of the kitchen and community garden will come handy to feed the children. It is both organic and wholesome bereft of inorganic chemicals and pesticides. Volunteers from Anna University, Scope International and housewives have toiled together relentlessly under the supervision of Restore Gardens. Now the children from Cascade School help out to do their bit towards this go green initiative.
  • Inmates of Sri Arunodhaya trust engaged the mothers and caregivers of the children undergoing treatment at the cancer institute in making paper bags, garlands, paper boxes, etc. It was a sort of reciprocal volunteering and eye opening experience. The young boys from Sri Arunodhayam Trust have multiple disabilities, yet are enthusiastic and able to deliver the teaching process effectively; they feel a sense of accomplishment by the end of it and for once, get a chance to give back to community instead of only receiving. The people who learn from them are completely inspired by how these people have overcome their handicap and feel special. It is a very humbling experience, to say the least.
  • Engaging the distraught mothers in creative and recreational activities has been the wish of the trustees of Mahesh Memorial Trust. Precisely why Ms. Anitha Devadoss got together the mothers on International Women’s Day to create colorful medicine boxes with eco-friendly materials. The enthusiasm and artistry shown by them was commendable. Kudos to Ms. Anitha of Chennai volunteers for this initiative.
  • February - Mahesh Memorial Trust built a modern new kitchen at the Adyar Cancer Institute which to cater to the requirements of patients and staff members. Located adjacent to the Mahesh Memorial Trust Paediatric Oncology Centre, the 2,500 sq.ft. space is divided into a kitchen and dining area enabling preparation of healthy and hygienic breakfast, lunch and dinner for approximately 300 adult patients, 50 children in the Mahesh Memorial Paediatric Oncology Centre, and more than 100 staff members, on a daily basis. 
  • January - Kaladiksha Dance Academy donated Rs. 2,00,000 to MMT.  Ms. Meenakshi Chittaranjan trained students who performed a short dance to entertain the children.  Trustees Mr. Maniratnam, Mr. Jayendra, Ms. Aruna Subramaniam, Ms. Chitra Mahesh and Ms. Sujatha Shankar were present to receive the cheque. A short video shot by the members of the academy on the activities of the children at MMT was shown to all present. 
  • January 2014 - To commemorate the 100th birthday of Mr.K.S.Sundar Rajan, Founder, Meenakshi College of Engineering, the Principal Ms.K.S.Babbai personally distributed toys, Horlicks and toileteries to the children of the MMT ward. 
  • November - A simple and secular Ayudha Puja was performed at the pediatric ward, involving the doctors, nursing and support staff. Matron Janaki, who has served the institute for more than 55 years, initiated the proceedings. Duty doctors Akash and Saurav also participated. It was an occasion for all to blend, bind.and share a common prayer for the well being of all and the children at the unit in particular.
  • October - Thanks to the initiative of Dr.Venkatraman, Head, Pediatric ward of Adyar cancer institute, the 2nd Tamilnadu pediatric oncology conclave was held at the MMT conference hall on 26th Cctober. The meet began with a welcome address by Dr.Venkatraman post lunch.  This was followed by presentations and case study by pediatric oncologists from across Tamilnadu.  Dr.Revathi Raj from (Apollo), Dr. John Solomon (Balaji Medical), Dr. Jaya Bose (Meenakshi Mission Madurai), Dr. Julius Xavier ( Child Trust), Dr. Ranjith (JIPMER Pondicherry), Dr. Seetha  and Dr. Arun Seshachalam presented and discussed on Acute Lymphoblastic Leukamia, Hodgkin's Lymphoma, Neuroblastic Leukamia and other cases of interest and importance. Dr. Sagar, Director, Adyar cancer institute, presided with a team of doctors from the institute. The quality of presentations made by the speakers was excellent. A wide range of medical, surgical, radiation, psycho-oncology and diagnostic topics were covered. There was active participation by the audience. Answers to common day to day problems were provided using an evidence based approach. To cap it all Ms. Poonam Bagai from Cankids stressed the importance of nutrition as part of oncology treatment and the need to standardise food and supplements in consultation with medical team. Dr. Venkatraman proposed a short vote of thanks at the end of the meeting.
  • Ms. Srividhya, who has been assisting as a Dietician, thought it fit to donate nine mattresses for her birthday. This will enable replacing existing worn out mattresses in the wards. This donation is timely as the Mahesh Memorial pediatric oncology centre is currently undergoing a renovation.
  • Rotaract Club of Madras Presidency College celebrated Independence Day in a unique manner. They thought it fit and appropriate to honor the medical
    fraternity (doctors and nurses). They pinned the tricolor on all the kids while distributing goodies and presented a small memento to all doctors and nurses. 
  • September - Ekam Foundation, along with Udhavum Ullangal, honours doctors, nurses, charity organizations and private institutions who provide exemplary services in their respective field of work as part of their K.S Sanjivi Awards ceremony. This year, MMT was presented with the award for Best Charity Organisation. The awards ceremony was held August 29th at Kumararani Meena Muthaiah College of Arts and Science. Dr. V Kanagasabhai, Dean, MMC, Rajiv Gandhi Medical College presented the awards to Aruna Subramaniam, a Trustee at MMT.
  • Ms.Kaveri Kalanithi Maran from Sun Foundation went from bed to bed to distribute small eats to the kids. She was attentive as she went about enquiring the health of the children and their mothers. She was accompanied by her niece and nephew who also joined her in this exercise. This was in memory of her father-in-law late Mr.Murasoli Maran's birthday.
  • We celebrated 10 years of working towards helping children live beyond cancer! A lot has been achieved and a lot more to be done…
  • August - The long awaited painless bone marrow aspiration procedures with the use of "conscious sedation" method has commenced. With this, the pain and trauma have become a thing of the past. The children can go through the procedures without pain and fear of the "white coats".  Dr.Thendral with Dr.Kalpana and technician Mr. Mohan handled the anaesthesia equipment with Dr.Venkatraman and Dr.Rupa overseeing the operation. Close to five painless procedures were performed within an hour. It was heartening to see parents relieved and relaxed. Close on the heels of the day care, this is another feather in the cap for MMT, and a major milestone too.
  • The Rotaract Club of Madras has been visiting the Mahesh Memorial Pediatric Ward of the Cancer Institute for three years now. Every year the experience is heartwarming, life changing and an eye opener. This year was not very different for the Rotaractors. Spending time with the children and helping them divert their attention from the pain was the goal. Fun games were organized to keep the children engaged. Our Nurses, our unsung heroes, were taken by surprise when they were honored for their positive attitude and unconditional care towards the children. Hats off to Mr. Manohar for managing the affairs of the institute in an efficient manner.
  • Inspired and initiated by Dr.V.Shantha, Chairperson, Adyar Cancer Institute, professionals from Restore Gardens (M/s Sakunthala, Kavitha, Sangeetha) have begun a kitchen garden on the western side of the children's ward. Permaculture, as they call it, uses mulching and bio mass techniques (decomposing wastes) to build up and nourish the soil. They firmly beleive in the concept of nature, as it should be. The NSS unit of Anna University are activelyparticipating and are working under the direction and supervision of these experts. 
  • July - Students of art therapy from Sir George Washington University, Colombia, were at the MMT ward for a fortnight. They engaged the children individually and collectively. Quickly settling down to the conditions, they interacted with the mothers too. Embroidery, crafts, graffiti, dance, and music set their imagination on fire.
  • April - To address the rising infection levels, an interactive session with Dr.V.Ramasubramaniam, Senior Consultant - Infection Control, Apollo Hospitals, Chennai, addressed the doctors and staff of the  pediatric ward (MMT). In this informal and interactive session, he suggested preventive and redressal methods. Dr. Varalakshmi (HOD) Microbiology Unit, prepared standard operating procedures and infection control methods. Aninstructional manual to the nurses (hand book) will be issued shortly after a briefing.
  • March - Social outreach and social responsibility is not confined to the corporates alone. Often times, student groups drop in to entertain, engage and enjoy. The students of MES Razeena Higher Secondary school did exactly that on Feb 9th. Dressed up in  fancy costumes, they danced and sang some peppy numbers. Distributing gifts to the children, the students experienced the joy in sharing.
  • Students of NIFT (National Institute of Fashion Technology) have been coming every Sunday to be with the children teaching them arts and crafts.
  • A colorful pin up calendar for the year 2013 was published by Mahesh Memorial Trust putting in print the art, painting and drawing talents of the children undergoing treatment at the pediatric ward of the Adyar Cancer Institute. Around 13000 calendars were printed and available for sale in December 2012. These were purchased by IT major Cognisant Technologies Ltd through its various offices across Chennai.
  • Dr. Reddy's lab conducted an art and painting workshop. The event was held on 1 Dec 2012, with the members from Chennai volunteers group eagerly executing it. The parents were also involved and the children were given coloring materials and snacks.
  • The Sneha Sadan Ladies Association, who volunteer to engage the kids every Tuesday, made enquiries and gifted the children's ward with a new wheel chair.
  • Members of MCRT 94 (Madras Central Round Table) sponsored lunch and breakfast for the children for two days. A presentation on the the various activities at the children's ward was given. The MCRT members have promised to help in greater measure as and when the projects in the pipelineare finalized. A cheque for Rs.50,000 favoring MMT was handed over to Manohar, administrator, by Mr. Sailesh, Chairman, MCRT 94.
  • February - Fun activity was organized for the children this Valentine’s Day. Festivities began with prayers and then getting the kids to make heart shaped cards with messages/drawings to give to their Doctors and Nurses at MMT. This was followed by the kids painting their own T-shirts with blocks/stamps – it was really exciting to see so many kids and parents come forward for this activity. All the kids wanted the Butterfly design and the Pineapple design on their T-shirts! A special thank you to Mrs Padma Manohar and Mrs Chandrika for sponsoring the T-shirts and yummy food/snacks for all the kids!
  • January 2013 - Students of NIFT (National Institute of Fashion Technology) have been coming every Sunday to be with the children teaching them arts and crafts.
  • Employees of EDGE, a design and advertising corporate, spent an hour and more and had a pleasant time with the children. Engaging them in origami art and paper crafts, the employees found the children so buoyed up and enthusiastic in their activities. Their head, Ms.Bhargavi Mani says, "The quality time spent with the kids took us back to our childhood days. Bringing cheer and smile on their faces made our day."
  • Members of Sneha Sadan Ladies Club Adyar entertained and encouraged the children with dance, skits and music. They brought school children to sing, dance and enact skits. The kids at the ward enjoyed the program. Biscuits and tetra pack juice were distributed.
  • The NGOs and well wishers of Mahesh Memorial Trust Pediatric Ward heralded the New Year with wonderful celebration. In keeping with the spirit of the season, members of DIYA (friends of Mahesh) decorated the place with balloons and festoons. The danglers and cutouts instilled a festive mood for all those who visited that day. A magic show which engaged the audience (literally) was the highlight of the day. Gifts aplenty and toys were distributed to cheer and bring a smile. Bed sheets for the wards were donated.

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