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Cancer and Children

Do children get cancer?

Yes, although the types of cancer, which occur in children are different from those in adults. Of the cancers which occur, about one third are leukemia. The next most common is the brain tumor, but cancer can occur in any part of the body or at any age. Sometimes, the tumor is already present at birth.

Can childhood cancer be treated?

Many important discoveries have been made in the treatment of cancer in the last few years. Many forms of childhood cancer can now be cured. Some forms of cancer are more likely to respond to treatment than others. With some types, nearly 100% of cases are cured with appropriate therapy. More than half the children who have cancer are cured, and can look forward to a normal active life.

Are the children completely cured?

Despite what some people believe, cancer can be permanently cured. There are an increasing number of adults now who are perfectly healthy and normal though they had cancer in childhood. They are able to work normally, marry and have children. It is extremely unlikely that they will pass on cancer to their own children.

Brief Information about Cancer & Children