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General symptoms of cancer

Listed below are certain nonspecific signs and symptoms that accompany all cancers. But this does not necessarily mean that cancer is present. Many other conditions can cause these signs and symptoms as well.
Unexplained weight loss: An unexplained (unintentional) weight loss of about 10 pounds may be the first sign of cancer.
Fever: Fever is often seen in advanced cancer when the cancer or its treatment affects the immune system and reduces resistance to infection.
Fatigue: Fatigue may be a significant symptom as the cancer progresses. It may occur early, however, if the cancer is causing a chronic loss of blood.
Pain: Pain may be an early sign with some cancers but most often it is a symptom of advanced disease.
Skin changes: Cancer can cause darkening (hyper pigmentation), yellowing (jaundice), reddening (erythema), itching or excessive hair growth.
Risk factors for cancer
Tobacco usage
Unprotected exposure to strong sunlight.
Changes in hormone levels
Alcohol consumption
Unhealthy Diet
Environmental factors like chemicals and radiation
Lack of physical activity