Mahesh Memorial Trust

The Trust is a registered body that came into being in November 2002 as a non-profit organization that will work towards:

Cancer Relief

  • Aiding and supporting institutions involved in the treatment of cancer, particularly the Cancer Institute, Chennai.
  • Creating public awareness about cancer.
  • Providing financial aid to economically challenged patients.
  • Organizing counselling and support for cancer patients and their families.
  • Supporting any other form of activity associated with the fight against cancer.
  • The Trust has already committed to donate Rs. 35,000/- per month for a period of 6 months to the Cancer Institute towards paediatric cancer care.


  • Funding, supporting and assisting institutions involved in the teaching of all forms of music.
  • Establishing awards for deserving students.
  • Aiding, establishing and assisting institutions imparting education in music.


We hereby commit ourselves to LIVE, the programme of Mahesh Memorial Trust that supports people through Cancer and beyond.

We further commit ourselves to raise awareness on Cancer,and to help people through treatment.

We pledge ourselves to nurture the outlook that there is life after Cancer that is beautiful and worth living as shown by our dear departed friend, Mahesh.

We solemnly affirm that we pledge our time, effort and resources to the fullest extent that we can, to LIVE, so that no one has to fight Cancer alone.

Members of the Board of Trustees

  • Chitra Mahesh - Managing Trustee
  • Sujatha Shankar - Leading Architect
  • Mani Ratnam - Eminent Film Director
  • P. S. Raman - Advocate Madras High Court
  • P. Jayendra - Leading Ad. Film Maker
  • B. G. Krishnan - Businessman, E-Shakti
  • Ravi Rajagopal - NRI Company Executive
  • Aruna Subramaniyam - Financial and Management Consultant
  • Dr. Sanjay Chandrasekar - Medical Practitioner